Ottawa Surgicentre

The Ottawa Surgicentre, located at 2255 Carling Ave. west of Woodroofe Ave., is a relaxing and comfortable place to have dental surgery. The facility offers a private surgical suite as well as a cozy recovery area staffed by at least one experienced nurse certified in PEDIATRIC Advanced Life Support, as are ALL nurses involved in patient care at the Ottawa Surgicentre. Our warm and friendly nursing staff will help you to feel at ease and answer any of your questions or concerns. Unlike a large hospital setting, parents are encouraged to be involved with their child's care during the administration of the anesthetic and following the procedure.


Dr. Fremeth has been working at this facility since 1995, during which he has treated several thousand patients. While Dr. Fremeth has provided similar care at the Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario, procedures performed at the Surgicentre can be provided without any significant waiting period. Dr. Fremeth has treated children of all ages at this facility. If there are more serious medical concerns, Dr. Fremeth can provide similar care at the Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario.


The Surgicentre is equipped with technically-advanced equipment including the latest technology in cardiac monitoring system, as well as state of the art sterilization. It is equipped with modern anesthetic equipment and the services of highly qualified pediatric anesthesiologists and advanced operative monitoring.

The means for providing dental care can be discussed with Dr. Fremeth. A detailed estimate of Surgicentre services will be provided to you and can be submitted electronically to your Insurance provider.