New Patients

Welcome, new patients! For your first visit, we'll need some personal data and medical background information for our records. Please bring with you:

The name and telephone number of your physician

The names of any medications you may be taking

Any Dental X-rays taken in the last 5 years, forwarded to us in advance

The name of your insurance company with policy and certificate numbers

For Children

We like to see kids (with their parents) at an early age. The recommended first dental visit is 6 months after the eruption of the first tooth, which is usually at 12 months old. This allows both parents and children to meet our staff and become familiar with our office. We give them a ride in the chair and take a look at their teeth. We also take this time to discuss important preventive issues with parents to set up good dental habits. We administer a complete checkup, cleaning and fluoride (if needed) when your child is psychologically ready.

For Adults

If you have a dental problem that needs immediate attention we will see to it right away. Otherwise, at your first appointment we will perform a complete dental examination, including x-rays and a thorough dental cleaning. We will take time to discuss our exam with you, show you what we find and answer any questions. A miniature camera may be used to record and review with you on a computer monitor. Finally, a personal plan of dental care will be proposed.